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Mark K. Setter, DDS

WOW!!!! These work GREAT!!!!! I have used them on a few maxillary narrow ridgesand found the results to be exceptional. If you are ready, let me put out a “feeler” tosee if BioHorizons might be interested. I can also speak with Dr. Carl Mischto get anidea if there is another more appropriate vendor. You just say the word and I willinitiate the process.Great Job on this concept. I think you have a real winner.

Lawrence Gelb, DDS

I used the Densah Burs in the placement of an implant into a narrow ridge in the #7 site. They worked like a charm. The procedure was effortless and totally devoid of the stress we all experience when placing an implant into a narrow ridge in the aesthetic zone. And of course bone grafting was not needed as the Densah Burs left me with an osteotomy having dense internal walls and adequate thickness of buccal and palatal bone.


Ann Marie Hofbauer, DMD

I have used the VERSAH drills on several narrow ridges and was amazed more to see the buccal bone expand and condense before my very eyes. With conventional expansion the bone thins and is delicate whereas with this system the quality improves. Amazing! In these sites I place the implant at 50ncm then must hand torque them down to fully seat–solid beyond belief. I now routinely use these for all my implant cases and I have also found that post-operatively the patients experience less (actually NO) discomfort. The system is just not as traumatic for all involved! Thank you